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Ten Celebrities Bob Mims (Memphis) CPA has gotten to meet

Ten Celebrities Bob Mims CPA has gotten to meet

Criteria: What is a Celebrity?  What defines its meaning?  Who knows, but I’ll suggest that for this list it may include a movie star, a politician, a business man, or an athlete.  In defining what is meant by “meeting”, I’ll suggest it has to be beyond the normal “I met you”.  I once met Jimmy Carter the president but it was when he was at a book signing, so he does not make the Bob Mims CPA list. Lastly, the criteria must include an interesting nugget, tidbit or story about the encounter.


Here goes.

  1. Whitney Houston – Bellagio, Las Vegas

While at a conference, I took some time to swim some laps at the pool.  At the end of my workout, I had this weird feeling I was being watched and there was no one else on my side of the pool where I was.  What I did see was a little girl struggling to swim, so I let her borrow my goggles and I gave her a few tips.  I sat next to her mom and aunt for a bit and listened to them talk and they even started singing a few songs to each other.  Oblivious, Bob Mims CPA struck up a conversation with the little girl what her favorite movie was.  She said “the Preacher’s wife”.  Things started to add up, and yes I was talking to Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi


  1. Antonin Scalia – Milwaukee, WI

Conservative Supreme Court Justice happened to also be an avid duck hunter.  He was brilliant and kind; regardless of your political views, there was no denying his smarts and nice demeanor.  That was true of my experience as I asked him about his tennis club, The Washington Golf and Country Club.  He loved the game of tennis and it was a pleasure to talk with him


  1. Dick Cheney – Washington DC

Bob Mims CPA had the opportunity to meet Dick Cheney and he was also very kind.  I had one comment for him which related to his absolute dominance in the vice presidential debates.  I’ve watched a lot of debates in my time, and his was the most lopsided I have ever seen.  Mr. Cheney pulled me aside and said “Bob…let me tell you the secret to a great debate”.  I was captivated to hear his answer.  He said “Make sure you spend the day before going fishing to clear your mind”.  He was serious.



  1. Tom Cruise – Memphis, TN

When “The Firm” was filmed in Memphis, Bob Mims newly fresh CPA was able to be an extra in the film.  You can see me just after the Gene Hackman credit roles in the movie.  The cool part of that day was also being a “stand in”.  Tom entered our room to film the scene for Sydney Pollack and I looked at him and just blurted out “that is the worst tie I have ever seen”.  Tom laughed.  The movie turned out pretty good, but unfortunately I did not get to meet Gene Hackman.


  1. Warren Buffett – Omaha, NE

My dad bought a share of Berkshire Hathaway stock so that we could go to the shareholder’s meeting held in Omaha.  It’s a great weekend with a bunch of wall street types and other CPA’s trying to glean the wisdom from America’s greatest investor.  The highlight was getting to meet him at Gorat’s steakhouse and I noticed he was drinking a cherry coke at the bar.  I asked him about it and he said “I live off this stuff”.  It warmed my heart, because it remains my very favorite drink.  When I feel like a 10 year old for ordering it, I remember that if it is good enough for Mr. Buffett, it is good enough for me.


  1. John Thompson – Chairman of Microsoft – Napa Valley

John is another duck hunter who is a really genuine guy with a great ability to tell stories.  One of those stories is told about his going to an Apple Store to have his wife’s phone fixed and the employee helping him recognized who he was.  Funny funny story.



  1. Jim Kennedy – Cox Communications – Memphis, TN

Maybe not as well known, but Jim Kennedy is a great US businessman.  He is also a member of Augusta, so I took an opportunity to ask him about his first round as a member.  Jim shared the story and some others about the course and his membership.  Someone interrupted our conversation and began telling a 15 minute story to Mr. Kennedy of how he got to sit on the front row at the Masters.  After this story was told, he turned to Jim and said “Jim have you ever been to Augusta”.  Jim replied with all the class in the world “A time or two.”


  1. David Toms – Pro Golfer

Even though he is a big LSU fan, David is a great major champion who is a super representative for the PGA.  Watching David and his teacher conduct a clinic at David’s signature course was such a delight and so much fun.  It was an insiders view as to what it takes to be a pro at the great game of golf.


  1. Jim Nantz – CBS commentator

Most know him from the NCAA tourney or the Super Bowl, but Jim is best at the Masters.  Meeting the nicest celeb ever was a real privilege.  He spoke of his winery and his family with Bob Mims CPA and my best friend and wife.  He did not have to take that time, but he did.  He then gave us permission to go into the Cypress Point Golf shop and buy a shirt.  What a great guy.


  1. Eli Manning Quarterback

Eli used to live across the street from my sister.  He is one great rebel and giant.  One night when my sister was winding the dogs down by letting them chase a tennis ball in the park between the houses, Eli flagged my sister down and said “Missy…are you throwing those balls for the dogs?”  My sister pulled out her tennis racquet and said “No…I’m hitting the ball with a racquet”.  Eli replied “I was about to say you have one hell of an arm”.


Top Ten coolest places I have been

So the crieria for this is pretty simple.

-Bob Mims CPA or not yet a CPA has been there

-It is a cool place and cool enough to share

  1. Yellowknife Canada

Yellowknife Canada is the most northern location I have been. It is not far from the Artic Circle and is the capital of commerce for the Northwest Territories.  If you love to fish, I’d recommend for a summer visit or to see the Aurora Borealis.  If and if you can make It up this far, then travel to the Yellowknife country club golf course, which is the most northern 18 hole course in the world.  It’s artificial greens here, as the grass does not grow.  And you might just run into the prime minister, as Bob Mims CPA from Memphis had the opportunity to do on this memorable trip.

  1. Kiev Ukraine

Bob Mims CPA was asked to teach for a week (twice) in Kiev Ukraine.  This is a large unknown city that is in the center of the bread basket of Europe.  Great food, interesting culture and really neat history surround this old town.  If you visit, go eat at “Meat and Wine”.  They serve meat (steak) and wine as the sign says.  Terrific


  1. Prague Czech Republic

I had the pleasure of visiting this country on the day that of their first free election.  The cold war had just ended and Bob Mims was part of a Memphis and Jackson, MS team that went on a mission trip.  Coolest part was playing guitar on Charles Bridge looking at the famous St. Vitus.  Jan Hus is from here (martyr during the Reformation) and loads of other history in what is likely the prettiest city in the world


  1. Zakopane, Poland

Before the cold war ended, I had the opportunity (1988) to go to Poland with Richard Pratt and team to Poland for a mission trip with Cru.  We traveled (Bob Mims not yet a CPA traveled in a freshly broken ankle) to Poland to the town of Zakopane (their Olympic training site) and met lots of new friends with the help of translators.  Highlight was playing basketball in the schools and watching Richard Pratt play “Back in the USSR” (a banned Beatles song) on guitar at a campfire.


  1. Pebble Beach

This place is a mecca for golfers but I recommend for those who don’t golf.  Get the caddie and listen to terrific stories on a walk with a foursome and have the french onion soup at the Tap Room.  Stay on property if you can

5. Whitefish MT

This is the best kept secret in the U.S.  The skiing is phenonimal on Big Mountain.  The food is as good as Oxford, MS in the town of Whitefish with places like Mambo Italiano and Tupelo Grill.  Furthermore, it may be even better to go in the summer and enjoy the weather, hiking, a trip to Glacier National Park (and Eddies café for breakfast), skipping rocks on Lake McDonald or golfing their many good reasonable courses.

6. Cayman Islands

Yes.  Go there.  The food is amazing, particularly at Casanova’s (Italian).  The water is incredible.  Go pet the Stingrays at Stingray Bay.  Stay at the Westin, Play golf at the Ritz Carlton.  Just go there .


7. Rosemary Beach

This is the best beach town in America.  On 30A development at the end it’s a place where the beach may not be the focus of your beach trip.  Many folks from Memphis like  Bob Mims CPA, travel down to enjoy the courtyards, biking beach bikes and tremendous food where everything seems safe, peaceful and relaxing.  If it rains, who cares…the place you are renting is likely nicer than your home.

8. Cinderella’s Castle Magic Kingdom during fireworks

You can book dinner here and you should do so way in advance for 8PM.  The food is good, you are away from the crowds and you can enjoy the fireworks which are the best of all the parks in Orlando.  Make sure you request a window seat.  Oh yeah…try to book your week during their slowest periods of the year.  Hey!…that may be another idea to blog about   “Top 10 Orlando Disney/Universal tips from a dad whose been there and waited in long lines”.

Ten Best Movies You May Not Have Seen

Ten best movies you may not have seen

Criteria: Please read first the movies that Bob Mims the CPA thinks are the best 10 movies of all time.  If you like those movies, you may be willing to invest in some of these lesser known ones.  One secret is that my second all time favorite movie is at the top of this list only because it is much lesser known to many.  It is still that good.  Remember…movies that have made an impact on me, and “What defines a great movie is personal”.  These are the criteria for Bob Mims CPA, so I get to pick them.  Please share your thoughts.

Basic criteria is the same for the lesser known movies top ten

  1. Movies that bring you into it. A movie that makes you forget you are watching a movie
  2. Movies that make a point whether it is laughter or a line or a bunch of lines
  3. Movies you would not mind watching over and over on a deserted island

So with this said as the criteria recognizing the above, Bob Mims would offer the following best ten movies of all time that you may not have seen

  1. Searching for Bobby Fisher


This is the best father son movie and second greatest movie I have seen.  The final scene and chess match between the two boys and the two coaches is a perfect demonstration of the four basic personality types (Choleric, Sanguine, Phelgmatic, and Melancholy).  As a CPA, I have had numerous opportunities to teach working at both Ducks Unlimited and KPMG.  I have used this scene to teach ‘soft skills’ training of understanding your personality type, and it has been quite effective.  (Everyone would rather watch a movie than hear me talk).  The climactic scene also depicts the perfect metaphor for understanding the gospel when Josh delivers that line “you’ve lost…you just don’t know it”.


Spoiler alert.  This link is to the final scene





  1. The Way Way Back

Steve Carrell shines in this role as a mean possible step father, but all of the characters are fantastic in this really funny look at a ‘coming of age’ kid dealing with adolescence over a summer working at a water park.  My friend Tom Rice produced this movie and he always delivers.  I a jealous that he gets to produce movies while I count the beans as a CPA.




  1. Chef

Another great father son tale of a down on his luck chef who takes his son across country working a food truck.  Good and fun flick.  Food looks great too.



  1. The Big Sick

The best one liner of 2017 is delivered here in this brilliant romantic comedy when Ray Romano awkwardly asks Kumail his thoughts on 9/11.  Heartwarming and great story telling.  Holly Hunter is terrific as always


  1. 100 Foot Journey

I need to blog more about food because this film is another great sleeper that is about two restaurants that compete against each other in France.  A movie that is safe for the kids to enjoy with adults.  On a personal note, I realize Hollywood does not want to make a lot of movies about CPA’s, but I wish they made more movies for adults that kids can watch.  They make movies for adults and movies for kids that adults can watch but we are missing a whole genre here that 100 foot journey completes.


  1. It’s kind of a funny story

In this middle of this coming of age show that tackles issues of depression in a comedic way, there is a beautiful and transformative scene where the entire hospital group breaks out in a video tribute to “Under pressure” by David Bowie.  Zach Galifinakis shines in this sleeper



  1. Begin Again

Yes… Tom Rice again in music movie with Mark Ruffalo, a down on his luck producer, that stalks Keira Knightley until she agrees to produce a gritty album with him.  This scene is another one of those fantastic scenes where Mark imagines that song as it is meant to be played.


  1. Life is Beautiful

So I realize this won best picture but very few have seen this movie.  It is best seen in its original language so you have to read it in English, but it is still an outstanding look at WWII.  The lead Italian actor (no surprise here) is a wonderful father in this Father/Son flick taking place at a concentration camp.  The father remains optimistic through every circumstance.  Oh that Bob Mims the CPA would copy this role every minute of every day being thankful for every circumstance and giving to others.


  1. Undefeated

This is a documentary that plays just like a movie.  It takes place in Memphis and tracks a football team that had not won a game in years until my college friend Billy Courtney takes over as coach in his spare time.  Wonderful lessons are throughout this movie and it won Oscar for best documentary.


  1. Dan in Real Life

This movie could be titled “Bob Mims CPA in real life”.  What a great movie where Steve Carrell plays an everyman that anyone else can identify.  Great father role and he delivers great line after line, including my favorite “put it on my tab”.



There you have it.  Be sure to share your thoughts.

Bob Mims Memphis – Ten Best Movies

Criteria: Movies that have made an impact on me. These are tough because it is such a broad category including comedies, drama, or thrillers. What defines a great movie is personal. These are the criteria for Bob Mims CPA
1. Movies that bring you into it. A movie that makes you forget you are watching a movie
2. Movies that make a point whether it is laughter or a line or a bunch of lines
3. Movies you would not mind watching over and over on a deserted island
So with this said as the criteria recognizing the above, Bob Mims would offer the following best ten movies of all time
1. Hoosiers

Since Gene Hackman is my favorite actor, this is easy. I love basketball and the true story aspect of this drama that portrays a coach and his team offering multiple life lessons along the way and is not afraid to tackle challenging issues (alcoholism). “I love you guys” is my favorite line of any movie made. Side note: I got stuck in the ride “it’s a small world” at magic kingdom and my son said he thought he recognized the dude in the boat in front of us. Sure enough, he was right as Brad Long who played Buddy was sitting ahead of us. It was fun visiting with him about Hoops and Hackman

2. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indelible imprint as this movie made an impact in a way that Bob Mims did not remember where he was at the end of the show.  The adventure is on and the little known professor was the hero.  Timeless and the effects were fantastic.  The scene where he shoots that guy with the sword is priceless.

3. Shawshank Redemption

This movie is good over and over and over again.  Morgan Freeman, who lives really close to Memphis and loves Ole Miss, is crazy good in this movie.  It fits the criteria well in that this is a movie I made the boys watch on a vacation.  They were sucked in after twenty minutes of complaining and is now my middle son’s favorite.  My good friend recently told me “Bob Mims…who crawled through a river of crap (edited) and came out clean on the other side”.  Great life lesson and quote

4. Lord of the Rings

Unlike Raiders, this movie is in the category of one long great movie split into three parts.  Having read Tolken’s books, I was astonished at how well this story on the big screen was told by Peter Jackson.  I remember in Gandalf’s first scene saying “this is exactly how I pictured him when I read it”.  One of the best lines is in the Two Towers:

5. Fletch


What a great comedy that started a new phase of comedies.  Riddled with one liners, Bob Mims continues to say these years after the movie:

  • My car just hit a water buffalo, can I borrow your towel
  • Put it on Underhill
  • What kind of name is Poon anyway?
  • I’m with the Mattress Police and these mattresses don’t have any tags

6. Star Wars

Most people say to Bob Mims…”you’re a CPA, surely you know that everyone thinks the Empire strikes back is the best of the Star Wars movies”.  My answer is no.  The best is the first movie or the fourth however you are counting them.  Without Star Wars, there is no franchise and having watched it last week, I am continually amazed at how this movie’s effects have stood the test of time even though technology has advanced so much.

7. Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail

What’s your favorite color?  This irreverent movie is another that the kids have enjoyed in a way that says “Dad, maybe you were not such a nerd after all.”  John Cleese is wonderful and the team that thought through this are so creative.  Kudos to the “I cut you arm off scene” and the brilliance of including a reference to the outstanding TV show “Connections” was amazing.

8. Good Will Hunting

The two lines among many here including:

  • Your move chief
  • I got her number, how do you like them apples

This movie has lots of underdogs that turn out to be winners when they figure out life.  This movie was different in so many ways and made such a positive impression on my view of counseling and coaching.  So I am a CPA, but Bob Mims also loves coaching and Robin Williams is great at reading his client and offering what he best needs.

9. Ghostbusters

Another comedy that wore out the Robert Mims 50 pound VCR in college.  “Cats and dogs living together…mass hysteria”.  Bill Murray launches up there as one of the funniest humans alive in that he can just be in character and be funny without delivering a line.

10. Princess Bride

“There is something I must tell you…I’m not left handed”.  The best TV actor today is Mandy Patinkin and he plays Montoya in delivering this outstanding line of the best family movie to round out a top ten.  Underdogs play a role here and Bob Mims and Memphis have always resonated with the underdog role.


There you have it.  You may be saying.  I have seen all of these.  OK, but if you can identify with all of these movies, then coming next are the top ten sleeper movies you may not have seen.  If you are like me, meaning you are a CPA that lives in Memphis and whose name is Bob or Robert Mims (which would be a bit weird), then you are always wanting great movie recommendations.  These top ten above establish my likes.  If you don’t like the above you won’t like the other suggestions and vice versa.


Bob Mims Memphis – Best Burgers

Ten best burgers in the world

Criteria:  Having great burger is about three things in my mind.

  1. Taste of the burger (obviously)
  2. The compliment of Fries (this is essential…great fries help make a great burger)
  3. The experience (location, venue, etc…)

So with this said as the criteria recognizing that my sample size is large but I’ve not experienced every burger in the world, I offer the following  best ten burger places in the world from my visits.

  1. Proud Larry’s – Oxford, MS

My second criteria really plays well in the ranking of this place as they have the best fries I’ve ever eaten.  Fries should be home made and not frozen.  The burger is outstanding and combines well with the fries, all in an atmosphere of a great college town near the town square.

2. Brent’s Drug store-Jackson, MS

Simple as a boy growing up in Jackson.  Saturday, wake up, go play basketball game, go to Brents for burger chips and a cherry limeade and maybe a shake, go home and shoot basketball.  Next week, repeat.  This place makes the list for standing the test of time and now they have fries.

  1. The Burger – Kiev, Ukraine

This is a really good burger in the best part of town.  Lots of activity for Ukraine’s capital and the food is really amazing, even for this American who loves American

  1. Hot Chocolate- Chicago

Wow.  My wife and I found this place on a whim and it was one of those “we really ate too much” because it was so good.  The burger, the fries homemade and then top it off with the best mug of hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

5. Interim bar and grill – Memphis, TN


Clearly another winner on this place deciding to keep the burger on the menu for dinner due to demand.  I almost always order this as the entrée.  It just can not be beat.


6. Mussel Burger Bar – Louisville, KY –

They grind their own meat at this gem of a place in Louisville, KY.  It hits all of the qualifications of taste, fries and atmosphere.  Go to the downtown Louisville location to enjoy the architecture of this old building near the Ohio River.  It is the CPA of burgers (Choice, Prime, and Atmosphere)


  1. Spanish bay golf course – Spanish Bay, CA

This place is high on the atmosphere list simply due to the overlook onto hole one while the bagpipes play.  You can also eat inside and catch a game at the bar.  The burger and special sauce are amazing.  The fries are decent but this place easily makes the top ten for other reasons.

  1. Made Rite Burgers – Fort Madison, Iowa

Flip it around on atmosphere and just enjoy the heavenly tastes of a made rite burger and fries.  My aunt runs the best restaurant in town that was featured in Time Magazine (Ivy Bake shop), but this burger is a good go to for sure.  The unique part is the meat is loose and oh so good.



  1. Matchbox – Washington, DC

This is cheating a bit because this is my favorite casual restaurant in the country and I always order the pepperoni pizza with fries there (and a Shirley temple).  However, the burgers are also very good and if you are in DC, this is a must place to go

  1. Flemings – Anywhere from 5-7PM

I know this is a chain, but their burger for $7 at the bar with fries never disappoints.  The pretzel bun and the bread with Feta dip is an amazing addition to this consistently excellent meal


Bob Mims CPA: Five Traits that Make a Basketball Coach

Bob Mims CPA: Five Traits that Make a Basketball Coach Successful


Bob Mims CPA: Five Habits that Make a Great Basketball Coach

Bob Mims, a CPA, has taught two vastly different things—accounting and basketball—for much of his professional life. When he’s not busy conducting training sessions for nonprofits and other organizations, he keeps himself occupied by coaching his sons’ AAU basketball team or daughters’ school teams. Many of his former players have gone on to earn athletic scholarships at NCAA and NAIA schools. For Robert Mims CPA, a successful coach has to adopt five simple habits that will not just influence the way he teaches the game, but also the way he lives his life off the court.

Because Bob Mims is a CPA, he is all about succeeding with integrity. As a coach, he tries to live up to certain qualities that he hopes will be passed on to his players. Here are some of the habits that Robert Mims CPA aspires for in his coaching career.

Sportsmanship. Basketball is a great way to develop a sense of fairness and positivity. The best coaches, says Bob Mims CPA, try to reinforce basic courtesy and respect, whether it is between players, and between teams and their opponents. As such, he expects his team to always play hard without resorting to cheap shots. He also tells his players not to argue with referees or trash-talk the opposing teams.

Continuous learning. Just like the practice of accounting keeps adapting to the latest trends in technology, Robert Mims CPA believes that basketball coaches should also learn new ways to play and teach the game. There are some drills, for example, that are better suited to more experienced players. Coaches should also prepare for new offensive and defensive styles that are changing the way the game is played. In the 1990s, the Bulls’ triangle offense was all the rage; nowadays, everyone in professional teams, including centers, must be ready to take three-point shots.

Efficient practice sessions. Bob Mims CPA thinks that good training sessions lead to better games. Because of this, he sets up practice time to make sure that every second is spent productively. He prefers teaching half-court games using three players per team to give everyone a chance to shoot, dribble, and pass. If he sees someone whose shooting needs improvement, he pulls that player aside and makes him work on his form and confidence.

Simple strategies.

Today’s game, says Robert Mims CPA, can be too complicated. However, he believes that there are certain strategies that can be taught and implemented very quickly in game situations, such as the dribble-drive offense, which takes advantage of his players’ outside shooting and slashing abilities. He has also explored the Suns’ “seven seconds or less” style of play. As much as possible, however, he wants everyone on the floor to touch the ball before making a shot.

Developing strong bonds. A coach’s job does not end when his team exits the gym. In fact, for Bob Mims CPA, a coach’s duties include fostering strong bonds between the team and the coach and among his players. He makes it a point to take his AAU team out for pizza and milkshakes after a game, regardless of the result. Because of this, his players are still close friends even after their AAU careers are over.