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Ten best burgers in the world

Criteria:  Having great burger is about three things in my mind.

  1. Taste of the burger (obviously)
  2. The compliment of Fries (this is essential…great fries help make a great burger)
  3. The experience (location, venue, etc…)

So with this said as the criteria recognizing that my sample size is large but I’ve not experienced every burger in the world, I offer the following  best ten burger places in the world from my visits.

  1. Proud Larry’s – Oxford, MS

My second criteria really plays well in the ranking of this place as they have the best fries I’ve ever eaten.  Fries should be home made and not frozen.  The burger is outstanding and combines well with the fries, all in an atmosphere of a great college town near the town square.

2. Brent’s Drug store-Jackson, MS

Simple as a boy growing up in Jackson.  Saturday, wake up, go play basketball game, go to Brents for burger chips and a cherry limeade and maybe a shake, go home and shoot basketball.  Next week, repeat.  This place makes the list for standing the test of time and now they have fries.

  1. The Burger – Kiev, Ukraine

This is a really good burger in the best part of town.  Lots of activity for Ukraine’s capital and the food is really amazing, even for this American who loves American

  1. Hot Chocolate- Chicago

Wow.  My wife and I found this place on a whim and it was one of those “we really ate too much” because it was so good.  The burger, the fries homemade and then top it off with the best mug of hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

5. Interim bar and grill – Memphis, TN


Clearly another winner on this place deciding to keep the burger on the menu for dinner due to demand.  I almost always order this as the entrée.  It just can not be beat.


6. Mussel Burger Bar – Louisville, KY –

They grind their own meat at this gem of a place in Louisville, KY.  It hits all of the qualifications of taste, fries and atmosphere.  Go to the downtown Louisville location to enjoy the architecture of this old building near the Ohio River.  It is the CPA of burgers (Choice, Prime, and Atmosphere)


  1. Spanish bay golf course – Spanish Bay, CA

This place is high on the atmosphere list simply due to the overlook onto hole one while the bagpipes play.  You can also eat inside and catch a game at the bar.  The burger and special sauce are amazing.  The fries are decent but this place easily makes the top ten for other reasons.

  1. Made Rite Burgers – Fort Madison, Iowa

Flip it around on atmosphere and just enjoy the heavenly tastes of a made rite burger and fries.  My aunt runs the best restaurant in town that was featured in Time Magazine (Ivy Bake shop), but this burger is a good go to for sure.  The unique part is the meat is loose and oh so good.



  1. Matchbox – Washington, DC

This is cheating a bit because this is my favorite casual restaurant in the country and I always order the pepperoni pizza with fries there (and a Shirley temple).  However, the burgers are also very good and if you are in DC, this is a must place to go

  1. Flemings – Anywhere from 5-7PM

I know this is a chain, but their burger for $7 at the bar with fries never disappoints.  The pretzel bun and the bread with Feta dip is an amazing addition to this consistently excellent meal


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