Ten Best Movies You May Not Have Seen

Ten best movies you may not have seen

Criteria: Please read first the movies that Bob Mims the CPA thinks are the best 10 movies of all time.  If you like those movies, you may be willing to invest in some of these lesser known ones.  One secret is that my second all time favorite movie is at the top of this list only because it is much lesser known to many.  It is still that good.  Remember…movies that have made an impact on me, and “What defines a great movie is personal”.  These are the criteria for Bob Mims CPA, so I get to pick them.  Please share your thoughts.

Basic criteria is the same for the lesser known movies top ten

  1. Movies that bring you into it. A movie that makes you forget you are watching a movie
  2. Movies that make a point whether it is laughter or a line or a bunch of lines
  3. Movies you would not mind watching over and over on a deserted island

So with this said as the criteria recognizing the above, Bob Mims would offer the following best ten movies of all time that you may not have seen

  1. Searching for Bobby Fisher


This is the best father son movie and second greatest movie I have seen.  The final scene and chess match between the two boys and the two coaches is a perfect demonstration of the four basic personality types (Choleric, Sanguine, Phelgmatic, and Melancholy).  As a CPA, I have had numerous opportunities to teach working at both Ducks Unlimited and KPMG.  I have used this scene to teach ‘soft skills’ training of understanding your personality type, and it has been quite effective.  (Everyone would rather watch a movie than hear me talk).  The climactic scene also depicts the perfect metaphor for understanding the gospel when Josh delivers that line “you’ve lost…you just don’t know it”.


Spoiler alert.  This link is to the final scene






  1. The Way Way Back

Steve Carrell shines in this role as a mean possible step father, but all of the characters are fantastic in this really funny look at a ‘coming of age’ kid dealing with adolescence over a summer working at a water park.  My friend Tom Rice produced this movie and he always delivers.  I a jealous that he gets to produce movies while I count the beans as a CPA.






  1. Chef

Another great father son tale of a down on his luck chef who takes his son across country working a food truck.  Good and fun flick.  Food looks great too.




  1. The Big Sick

The best one liner of 2017 is delivered here in this brilliant romantic comedy when Ray Romano awkwardly asks Kumail his thoughts on 9/11.  Heartwarming and great story telling.  Holly Hunter is terrific as always




  1. 100 Foot Journey

I need to blog more about food because this film is another great sleeper that is about two restaurants that compete against each other in France.  A movie that is safe for the kids to enjoy with adults.  On a personal note, I realize Hollywood does not want to make a lot of movies about CPA’s, but I wish they made more movies for adults that kids can watch.  They make movies for adults and movies for kids that adults can watch but we are missing a whole genre here that 100 foot journey completes.




  1. It’s kind of a funny story

In this middle of this coming of age show that tackles issues of depression in a comedic way, there is a beautiful and transformative scene where the entire hospital group breaks out in a video tribute to “Under pressure” by David Bowie.  Zach Galifinakis shines in this sleeper




  1. Begin Again

Yes… Tom Rice again in music movie with Mark Ruffalo, a down on his luck producer, that stalks Keira Knightley until she agrees to produce a gritty album with him.  This scene is another one of those fantastic scenes where Mark imagines that song as it is meant to be played.



  1. Life is Beautiful

So I realize this won best picture but very few have seen this movie.  It is best seen in its original language so you have to read it in English, but it is still an outstanding look at WWII.  The lead Italian actor (no surprise here) is a wonderful father in this Father/Son flick taking place at a concentration camp.  The father remains optimistic through every circumstance.  Oh that Bob Mims the CPA would copy this role every minute of every day being thankful for every circumstance and giving to others.




  1. Undefeated

This is a documentary that plays just like a movie.  It takes place in Memphis and tracks a football team that had not won a game in years until my college friend Billy Courtney takes over as coach in his spare time.  Wonderful lessons are throughout this movie and it won Oscar for best documentary.



  1. Dan in Real Life

This movie could be titled “Bob Mims CPA in real life”.  What a great movie where Steve Carrell plays an everyman that anyone else can identify.  Great father role and he delivers great line after line, including my favorite “put it on my tab”.





There you have it.  Be sure to share your thoughts.

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