Sometimes I wonder, “Where would Bob Mims, CPA be without his faith?” You see,  my Christian faith is what saved me. I have made so many mistakes in my life (and continue to do so), and through these, my faith is what kept me going. When things became too difficult to bear, my faith encouraged me to keep moving forward no matter how much I slide back. I am always encouraged when I “swim” in the Psalm 120’s to understand how deeply God loves us. He never sleeps and God is a gracious God of mercy and redemption.

While the faith side of Christianity is compelling from my experience with Christianity, I am also convinced of its authenticity from evidence. One of the logical thoughts that should cause one to explore or discover Christianity is to make two lists. On the first list, I name my top ten most influential people in the history of the world. These include the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King. On the next list, I have ten people who said, “I am God.” On this list are people like Jim Jones, or any other person claiming to be “God”, and Jesus. Comparing the lists, there is only one person on both: Jesus. This compels me, the professional Robert Mims, CPA, to examine who Jesus really was and is.

I am not here to preach about my religion. I am merely sharing how my Christian faith has shaped who I am today, not only as Bob Mims, CPA but more importantly, Bob as a father, friend, and son. Being a Christian has helped me navigate through a divorce, raising kids, resolving conflict, disappointments, mistakes (I have made some big ones), and experience the fellowship of other Christian brothers and sisters who pray with, and for, me through this life’s journey. I know deep in my heart that Robert Mims, CPA wouldn’t be who he is today without his faith.

Bob Mims, CPA

On my landing page, I mentioned that one the most important lessons that being a CPA has taught me is to face problems head-on, without emotions or biases. In my role as Robert Mims, CPA, my favorite part is teaching and facilitating strategic planning to nonprofits and other companies. What I love most about it is that I am usually in a room filled with people who are a lot smarter than me. They learn from me and I from them.

My two core teaching points are: “good years start with good budgets”, and “surpluses lead to sustainability”. When I can, I will put on my Bob Mims, CPA thinking cap and talk more about these points. For the meantime, please bear with me as I talk more about other topics here.

In future posts, I will open the floor with a healthy and lively discussion on everything that I have talked about here on my site. I would love to hear your thoughts about my posts. As a gentle reminder, please keep discussions light and positive.

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