Bob Mims CPA: Five Traits that Make a Basketball Coach

Bob Mims CPA: Five Traits that Make a Basketball Coach Successful


Bob Mims CPA: Five Habits that Make a Great Basketball Coach

Bob Mims, a CPA, has taught two vastly different things—accounting and basketball—for much of his professional life. When he’s not busy conducting training sessions for nonprofits and other organizations, he keeps himself occupied by coaching his sons’ AAU basketball team or daughters’ school teams. Many of his former players have gone on to earn athletic scholarships at NCAA and NAIA schools. For Robert Mims CPA, a successful coach has to adopt five simple habits that will not just influence the way he teaches the game, but also the way he lives his life off the court.

Because Bob Mims is a CPA, he is all about succeeding with integrity. As a coach, he tries to live up to certain qualities that he hopes will be passed on to his players. Here are some of the habits that Robert Mims CPA aspires for in his coaching career.

Sportsmanship. Basketball is a great way to develop a sense of fairness and positivity. The best coaches, says Bob Mims CPA, try to reinforce basic courtesy and respect, whether it is between players, and between teams and their opponents. As such, he expects his team to always play hard without resorting to cheap shots. He also tells his players not to argue with referees or trash-talk the opposing teams.

Continuous learning. Just like the practice of accounting keeps adapting to the latest trends in technology, Robert Mims CPA believes that basketball coaches should also learn new ways to play and teach the game. There are some drills, for example, that are better suited to more experienced players. Coaches should also prepare for new offensive and defensive styles that are changing the way the game is played. In the 1990s, the Bulls’ triangle offense was all the rage; nowadays, everyone in professional teams, including centers, must be ready to take three-point shots.

Efficient practice sessions. Bob Mims CPA thinks that good training sessions lead to better games. Because of this, he sets up practice time to make sure that every second is spent productively. He prefers teaching half-court games using three players per team to give everyone a chance to shoot, dribble, and pass. If he sees someone whose shooting needs improvement, he pulls that player aside and makes him work on his form and confidence.

Simple strategies.

Today’s game, says Robert Mims CPA, can be too complicated. However, he believes that there are certain strategies that can be taught and implemented very quickly in game situations, such as the dribble-drive offense, which takes advantage of his players’ outside shooting and slashing abilities. He has also explored the Suns’ “seven seconds or less” style of play. As much as possible, however, he wants everyone on the floor to touch the ball before making a shot.

Developing strong bonds. A coach’s job does not end when his team exits the gym. In fact, for Bob Mims CPA, a coach’s duties include fostering strong bonds between the team and the coach and among his players. He makes it a point to take his AAU team out for pizza and milkshakes after a game, regardless of the result. Because of this, his players are still close friends even after their AAU careers are over.


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