Top Ten coolest places I have been

So the crieria for this is pretty simple.

-Bob Mims CPA or not yet a CPA has been there

-It is a cool place and cool enough to share

  1. Yellowknife Canada

Yellowknife Canada is the most northern location I have been. It is not far from the Artic Circle and is the capital of commerce for the Northwest Territories.  If you love to fish, I’d recommend for a summer visit or to see the Aurora Borealis.  If and if you can make It up this far, then travel to the Yellowknife country club golf course, which is the most northern 18 hole course in the world.  It’s artificial greens here, as the grass does not grow.  And you might just run into the prime minister, as Bob Mims CPA from Memphis had the opportunity to do on this memorable trip.

  1. Kiev Ukraine

Bob Mims CPA was asked to teach for a week (twice) in Kiev Ukraine.  This is a large unknown city that is in the center of the bread basket of Europe.  Great food, interesting culture and really neat history surround this old town.  If you visit, go eat at “Meat and Wine”.  They serve meat (steak) and wine as the sign says.  Terrific


  1. Prague Czech Republic

I had the pleasure of visiting this country on the day that of their first free election.  The cold war had just ended and Bob Mims was part of a Memphis and Jackson, MS team that went on a mission trip.  Coolest part was playing guitar on Charles Bridge looking at the famous St. Vitus.  Jan Hus is from here (martyr during the Reformation) and loads of other history in what is likely the prettiest city in the world


  1. Zakopane, Poland

Before the cold war ended, I had the opportunity (1988) to go to Poland with Richard Pratt and team to Poland for a mission trip with Cru.  We traveled (Bob Mims not yet a CPA traveled in a freshly broken ankle) to Poland to the town of Zakopane (their Olympic training site) and met lots of new friends with the help of translators.  Highlight was playing basketball in the schools and watching Richard Pratt play “Back in the USSR” (a banned Beatles song) on guitar at a campfire.


  1. Pebble Beach

This place is a mecca for golfers but I recommend for those who don’t golf.  Get the caddie and listen to terrific stories on a walk with a foursome and have the french onion soup at the Tap Room.  Stay on property if you can

5. Whitefish MT

This is the best kept secret in the U.S.  The skiing is phenonimal on Big Mountain.  The food is as good as Oxford, MS in the town of Whitefish with places like Mambo Italiano and Tupelo Grill.  Furthermore, it may be even better to go in the summer and enjoy the weather, hiking, a trip to Glacier National Park (and Eddies café for breakfast), skipping rocks on Lake McDonald or golfing their many good reasonable courses.

6. Cayman Islands

Yes.  Go there.  The food is amazing, particularly at Casanova’s (Italian).  The water is incredible.  Go pet the Stingrays at Stingray Bay.  Stay at the Westin, Play golf at the Ritz Carlton.  Just go there .


7. Rosemary Beach

This is the best beach town in America.  On 30A development at the end it’s a place where the beach may not be the focus of your beach trip.  Many folks from Memphis like  Bob Mims CPA, travel down to enjoy the courtyards, biking beach bikes and tremendous food where everything seems safe, peaceful and relaxing.  If it rains, who cares…the place you are renting is likely nicer than your home.

8. Cinderella’s Castle Magic Kingdom during fireworks

You can book dinner here and you should do so way in advance for 8PM.  The food is good, you are away from the crowds and you can enjoy the fireworks which are the best of all the parks in Orlando.  Make sure you request a window seat.  Oh yeah…try to book your week during their slowest periods of the year.  Hey!…that may be another idea to blog about   “Top 10 Orlando Disney/Universal tips from a dad whose been there and waited in long lines”.

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